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Summer is almost over!

Well that went by very quickly.  It is already August.  That means it is time to start thinking about going to the FAIR!!! Just to recap events for this year.  We started calving on January 10th and still have one cow to calve.  We have had 4 bull calves and 4 heifer calves this year.  What a big year for us.  Unfortunately we lost one bull calf.  But all of the others are thriving out on pasture. Here are some of the curious faces of our Herd.  They seem to think we are bringing them treats.  We decided to go with a theme for naming the calves this year.  All of the calves names have to start with the letter K for 2022.  So we opted to try to come up with names of places. We have: Kentucky (his dam is Lexi (Lexington)) Kansas Kirkland (Kirk) Kelowna (his dam is Leona... it rhymes sort of) Kissing Bridge (Kiss) Kakabeka (Bec) Kapuskasing (Kap) Keady (a fun place to watch livestock sales in Ontario) We have always tried to rotate our pastures at 2 Bridges Farm but the last 2 years we st