Spring at 2 Bridges Farm

More than a year has passed since the last time i blogged here.   Now that COVID-19 has stopped the mad daily scramble you would think that there would be plenty of time for blogging but we seem to be as busy as ever.  We continue to strive for balance in our lives and find ourselves fortunate to live the way that we do.  Hopefully this blog will show you the idyllic side of country living with a dash of realism.

So far this year we have had 2 bull calves and a heifer born.  The first bull calf is named Hudson and he is full of beans.  If there is an opportunity for him to climb in to the feeder or escape he will find a way.  He loves to break free and run with the bulls.  He tries to convince his counter part Henderson to join him but is not usually successful.  He runs around a bit.  Gets into mischief and then finds his way back to his mom.  Soon he won't be able to fit in the feeder so i am curious to see what else he will come up with.  This is him at the gate.  He's alm…
It has been a pretty productive spring and summer at 2 Bridges Farm.  It seems like spring lambing was just a couple of weeks ago but it is already close to the end of summer!
I just wanted to give you an update on what we have available and what will be coming.
This week we have chicken (whole and quartered), we have a few mixed pork boxes available.  You can stop by the farm friday-sunday this weekend to pick some up.  Just let me know if you're coming by.  Many of you ordered chicken in advance. Please send me a message to confirm the number that you would like and when you can pick them up so that i make sure to keep some for you.
The lamb will be processed August 28th. That means they will be ready for you to pick up in time for a labour-day weekend BBQ!  There is a limited quantity of lamb available so if you haven't already told me you want lamb you should send me a message asap.

We will have Galloway beef available in the spring of 2019.  It will be worth the wait!  Ga…

Can you say sausage!?!

It's summer time and living is... well not easy yet.  Hay is in the mow and the hogs have come back from the butcher.  The freezers are full. Our most popular pork items are sausage and bacon.  We have 200 lbs of farmer's sausage links ready for you.  In addition to hams,  chops and roasts. We have had to limit how much bacon everyone can order at one time.

Whole and half pig orders will be available the first week of November and will require a $100 deposit.  So let us know if you're interested and start clearing out your freezer.

Tomorrow chicken will be available.  If you haven't placed your order or arranged for pick up this weekend you should do so today.  The next batch of chicken won't be available until the end of September.

Happy August everyone!

Summer 2017

They say that spring is the busiest time on a farm.  2 Bridges Farm is no exception. 3 heifer calves and a bull calf have arrived.  We have also had 5 lambs added to our flock. Animal care, new fence and pasture maintenance have taken most of our spare time.  The warm summer temperatures have brought the usual flies and predators.  We have even come across a couple of young skunks in the neighbourhood (eeew).  It certainly keeps life interesting!
However, things have been moving along nicely.  Our pasture raised chicken will be processed on August 3rd. You all know how quickly these get sold so if you want chicken you will need to let us know asap. I have been told that they can be halved or quartered for an extra fee.  Let us know if that is something you are interested in and we will let you know how much extra that will cost.  If you prefer to continue with whole chickens the price remains the same.  We expect the chicken will weigh between 5-7 lbs.It would be appreciated if you cou…