Spring at 2 Bridges Farm

Joy, Lilley, Mo

More than a year has passed since the last time i blogged here.   Now that COVID-19 has stopped the mad daily scramble you would think that there would be plenty of time for blogging but we seem to be as busy as ever.  We continue to strive for balance in our lives and find ourselves fortunate to live the way that we do.  Hopefully this blog will show you the idyllic side of country living with a dash of realism.

So far this year we have had 2 bull calves and a heifer born.  The first bull calf is named Hudson and he is full of beans.  If there is an opportunity for him to climb in to the feeder or escape he will find a way.  He loves to break free and run with the bulls.  He tries to convince his counter part Henderson to join him but is not usually successful.  He runs around a bit.  Gets into mischief and then finds his way back to his mom.  Soon he won't be able to fit in the feeder so i am curious to see what else he will come up with.  This is him at the gate.  He's almost small enough to squeeze under because of the tractor tire rutts. 

Lambing has been a bit scattered this year.  We had some issues maintaining our ram last year and switched part way through the season.  We are constantly modifying our operation to come up with the most efficient layout for the sheep.  Lambing jugs are handy to have when lambing takes place.  It gives you the opportunity to separate the Ewe and her lamb(s) from the flock so they have time to bond properly.  But if you only have 2 and they are full with impending births we sometimes are surprised when we come in to the barn and find a new little one waiting around with the full grown sheep.  As if being born isn't stressful enough. Try finding the right mom under all that wool!

Regular maintenance and repairs to the grounds and buildings continue at a steady pace.  I believe they will never be finished.  We are constantly looking at better ways to organize our space. There is still far too much equipment and parts scattered around the barnyard that require a proper place for storage.  I am envious of really tidy barns and barn yards.  I'm not sure how they do it.  Or may be i just see them on good days.  Just like cleaning your house for company coming or something like that.

The show calves are all groomed and being worked with despite the fact that we are unsure if there will be a show season at all.  We are hopefully optimistic.  It also gives the kids a break from school work and Neflix!

We will have boxed galloway beef burgers available June 15th.  Chicken whole or quartered will be available the week of July 20th and October 19th and lamb will be available in the fall.  As usual we have limited quantities of our pasture raised meat so it is best to contact us to be put on the waiting list and we will notify you of availability.  We will never have a large surplus of meat available but we will always have good quality pasture raised meat for our loyal customers.


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