Can you say sausage!?!

It's summer time and living is... well not easy yet.  Hay is in the mow and the hogs have come back from the butcher.  The freezers are full. Our most popular pork items are sausage and bacon.  We have 200 lbs of farmer's sausage links ready for you.  In addition to hams,  chops and roasts. We have had to limit how much bacon everyone can order at one time.

Whole and half pig orders will be available the first week of November and will require a $100 deposit.  So let us know if you're interested and start clearing out your freezer.

Tomorrow chicken will be available.  If you haven't placed your order or arranged for pick up this weekend you should do so today.  The next batch of chicken won't be available until the end of September.

Happy August everyone!


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