Summer 2017

They say that spring is the busiest time on a farm.  2 Bridges Farm is no exception. 3 heifer calves and a bull calf have arrived.  We have also had 5 lambs added to our flock. Animal care, new fence and pasture maintenance have taken most of our spare time.  The warm summer temperatures have brought the usual flies and predators.  We have even come across a couple of young skunks in the neighbourhood (eeew).  It certainly keeps life interesting!

However, things have been moving along nicely.  Our pasture raised chicken will be processed on August 3rd. You all know how quickly these get sold so if you want chicken you will need to let us know asap. I have been told that they can be halved or quartered for an extra fee.  Let us know if that is something you are interested in and we will let you know how much extra that will cost.  If you prefer to continue with whole chickens the price remains the same.  We expect the chicken will weigh between 5-7 lbs. It would be appreciated if you could plan to pick them up at the farm August 5th or 6th. 

Pork will be available at the same time as the chickens.  Check our web site regularly for current pricing.  This summer we are able to sell a limited amount of farmer’s sausage and bacon at $5.00 per pound.  We also continue to take orders for whole or half hogs.  Which you will be able to pick up in the fall.

The fall will be an exciting time at our farm.  In addition to a limited amount of lamb available we will have our first Galloway beef for sale.  We won’t be able to offer sides at this time as we expect it will go quickly.  We will need to set the pricing closer to the date but let us know if you want to be on the waiting list.
We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and hope to see you at one of the local fairs this fall.

Feel free to email us at and visit our web site at

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